I have been suffering with Hashimoto’s disease for about one year and I know it has been longer but it took quite awhile to get diagnosed. The reason for the delay was insensitive cruel doctors that treated me like less than a human because I was obese. I was never overweight until about three years ago when I started gaining more and more weight. I didn’t change my eating habits or stop exercising and I began to worry what was going on. I went on starvation diets etc. When I started falling asleep at my desk and couldn’t wake up in the morning I knew something was going on. Then my hair started falling out in clumps and I really started to panic. My best friend did reflexology on me and told me something was wrong with my thyroid. I kind of thought she was being kind blaming my girth on glands to make me feel better. I was referred to an endocrinologist by my primary doctor and he said, “You are morbidly obese, stop eating and you will get your energy back, there is nothing wrong with you.” He never ran any tests. He said my hair falling out was for a dermatologist to deal with. I went to a dermatologist and was told that there was nothing wrong and I needed to lose weight. I wanted to scream I know I am a fat cow but I don’t know why I can’t lose weight and why I feel so awful all the time. I was in such despair hating myself for being a failure until I met my acupuncturist. He was also an MD and he treated me like a human being not a fat worthless loser. He ordered a ton of tests and I was finally diagnosed after my body attacked and destroyed half of my thyroid. I had zero T3 and T4 (which basically fuel your metabolism). When Dr Steuber told me that I had a true medical issue and that was the cause of my weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss I broke down and cried. He started prescribing different doses of hormone replacements and four months ago. I think I am finally getting the right dose now. I still sometimes get raging fevers at night but my hair has grown in and I havelost 53 pounds (without even trying!!!) I will never forget the way I was treated and I have new found empathy for those people out there that can not lose the weight. I never judged anyone for the way they looked because as I have said before in many of my posts I am no beauty. The saddest thing is when you are fat, you are invisible, and when people do see you they look down on you like you are less of a person. Now at my job people I never had dealings with are approaching me in the hallway and telling me how wonderful I look and what am I doing. I want to say thanks I am glad you approve and I am acceptable now. It just makes me appreciate the friends, loved ones and colleagues who always respected me and saw past my layers of fat.